Bullet Boards & Firearms
The Pioneer Saloon is proud to display a collection of antique bullet boards. These boards were originally made in the 1890’s by arms manufacturing companies as store advertising. Estimates of the total production of various boards range from 50 to 200 depending on the type.
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Western Posters, Art & Sculpture
During his career, Colonel Tim McCoy (1891-1978) was an Indian Commissioner, a veteran of both World Wars, and a silent and sound film star. Between the years of 1923 to 1965, he was in over ninety movies and for a time was MGM’s resident cowboy, noted for his "steely stare”.
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Ernest Hemingway History
The Pioneer Saloon is proud to display a collection of memorabilia from the time Ernest Hemingway spent in Sun Valley.
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Historic Deer Mounts
At the entrance to the Pioneer Saloon is a very unusual deer mount. This deer was shot in the fall of 1927, by Vernon Ponzo, a Blackfoot Indian. The mule deer was killed on the Camas creek ridge north of Challis, Idaho, between Eddie and Camas creeks.
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American Indian Artifacts
Arrowhead boards and a birch bark canoe are on display. Arrowheads have long been collected from centuries past throughout the wilderness of Idaho. These boards were purchased from collectors.
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World Record Steelhead
A fiberglass replica of Clay’s prize catch is on display just inside the Pioneer dining room. A photo of the memorable moment hangs just outside the grill. Clay’s close friends and the Pioneer Saloon are proud to keep alive the memory of this gracious sportsman.
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